Consultations available on Tuesday at The Indigo Project, Surry Hills.

Consultations available on Saturday at Centre of Sense, 105 Crown Lane, Darlinghurst.

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One to  One


Passionate about helping women find clarity, power and purpose.

Talking to anyone – whether a coach, counsellor or psychologist can be supremely nerve-wracking and intimidating. Why? Well, no one really enjoys admitting things aren’t going well in life and then telling all of those things to a complete stranger. I find it completely scary… at first. I have also found it to be helpful, especially when you find the right person.


We may have a great partner, and supportive friends and family, but sometimes, when we’re going through a life transition or challenge, we a.) don’t want to keep talking about the same thing over and over again to our loves ones, and b.) recognise that we want to get constructive advice from an objective bystander who can fill us in on our blindspots and strategise ways of moving forward.


That’s where speaking to someone can come in.

What to expect from a session?

The main focus of my work is giving individuals the knowledge and tools to empower themselves, so talking to someone isn’t always going to be long-term and expensive.


Many of the clients I see will start with a fortnightly or monthly session, and then may look to do monthly or bimonthly check-ins to ensure they are accountable and moving in the direction we have devised together.

Coaching isn’t about a whole session of crying and talking, although maybe sometimes it will be. And that’s okay. Coaching is about making sense of the chaos in your mind, or life, and making defined steps towards the person you want to be and the life you want to live. 

Coaching sessions are available during weekday hours, in the evening and on Saturdays. 


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